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The KAR team operates on a win-win philosophy that revolves around maximizing efficiency and unleashing boundless creativity. There are no limits to our thinking and innovation. This ideology ensures not only the success of our clients but also their customers.

In our quest to fulfill your objectives, we constantly strive to discover novel solutions. These solutions aren’t simply found; they are uncovered through a meticulous examination of your unique perspectives and hidden angles. It is within this realm that our creative journey commences. If you aspire to forge a new realm within your endeavors, we stand ready to serve you with unwavering dedication.

  • TV ads makingReal/ Animation/ Real-Animation
  • campaign and advertising plan designing
  • brand identity designing
  • Social media contentVideo/ Text/ Podcast / …
  • Corporate video making
  • Motion graphics
  • Graphic designingLogo/ Poster/ Package design/ …
  • Still photography
  • Routine programming


Alireza Ramezani


Creative & Executive Director

Fatemeh Ahmadi

Art Director

Graphic Designer

Abbas Amirabadi CG Director/ Illustrator