Receive the order along with a brief from you

Following our initial conversation, we kindly request that you complete and submit a brief form. This form has been meticulously crafted, with each item carefully chosen, as their thoroughness is crucial in order to generate the finest ideas and suggestions.

Submitting a proposal to you

As soon as we receive the brief from you, our team will initiate comprehensive market and brand research. Building upon the information provided in the brief and our conducted research, we will delve into brainstorming sessions to formulate innovative ideas. The culmination of this process will be presented to you in the form of a detailed service proposal.

Approval of the proposal

During the proposal presentation session, we will thoroughly discuss the intricacies of the work. Any objections or concerns raised will be carefully noted and addressed. Once these objections have been effectively resolved, the final proposal will be prepared and delivered to you for your approval.

Produce process

Once your proposal is approved, you will be provided with a comprehensive checklist outlining the production steps specific to your service. This checklist serves as a guide to help you understand and track the progress of the production process. You will actively participate in the pre-production, production, and post-production stages throughout the entire project.

final approval

During the post-production stage, you will have the opportunity to address any desired corrections or adjustments on two occasions. After thoroughly resolving any issues, the final product will be prepared for delivery to you.

Dedicated to you

Once the project output receives final approval, the ultimate deliverable of your service will be presented to you in a single session. Additionally, during this stage, we will provide you with our recommendations for your future advertising endeavors.